Raymond Williams was a Marxist whose politics were deeply anchored in radical working-class and internationalist traditions. Recent postcolonial critics have accused him of ignoring the realities of empire. Examining his body of work shows this is wrong.

The Federal Reserve is now perpetually rescuing the American economy. Even when it had to change the formula during the COVID pandemic, its class loyalties were clear: intervene for the benefit of big capital.

Automation is an ideology that obscures the grim reality of how businesses reshape workplaces — but power and politics play a key role in determining the degradation or dignity of work. The real challenge is to turn every job into a dignified job.

Can a Westminster insider explain the Labour Party’s loss of working-class voters and the collapse of the red wall? Jeremy Corbyn presented a historic opportunity that was missed, and a deep structural shift in British politics must be reckoned with.

American altruism and the spread of democracy are World War II myths that are endlessly renewed to justify American military power abroad. A new liberal account reveals their contested nature — while obscuring the material basis of American imperialism.