Vol 7 No 3

Fall 2023
  • René Rojas

Allende’s Ghost

Much like Salvador Allende, Chilean president Gabriel Boric rode to power on a wave of popular mobilization, with the working class playing a central role. But whereas Allende was keenly aware of the importance of labor as his key support base, Boric has allowed his connections with the working class to fray, much to his own detriment.

  • Bashir Abu-Manneh

Said’s Inflation of Empire

This essay engages Said on both his general view of empire and the particular works of Jane Austen and George Eliot that he took to be illustrative of his view.

  • Amber A’Lee Frost

Feminism for Progress

Mary Harrington’s Feminism Against Progress understands how capitalism has undermined the prospects for gender justice, but her remedies are frustratingly wedded to neoliberal tenets.

  • Jeff Goodwin

In Defense of Black Marxism

W. E. B. Du Bois’s later work was firmly located within the Marxist tradition, something only missed by an excessively narrow presentation of what that tradition entails.


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Culture Can’t Explain the Arab Revolts

Violence and Representation in the Arab Uprising shows how the Arab revolts empowered democratic citizenship. But a focus on vibrant cultural creativity is no substitute for concrete analysis of political agency and economic structure.